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Upcoming Exhibitions ~ Audrey Love Gallery, Miami ~ May 9-31, 2014


Florescence 109a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 148a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 142a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 127a - Ted VanCleave
Florescence 136a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 110a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 154a - Ted VanCleave - Cala Lily Florescence 138a - Ted VanCleave
Florescence 126a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 149a - Ted VanCleave - Floral Art Florescence 152a - Ted VanCleave - Modern Photography Florescence 134a - Ted VanCleave
Florescence 131a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 130a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 155a - Ted VanCleave - Cala Lily Florescence 111a - Ted VanCleave


Florescence 117a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 146a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 106a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 108a - Ted VanCleave


Florescence 121a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 135a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 103a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 140a - Ted VanCleave
Florescence 132a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 113a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 114a - Ted VanCleave Florescence 139a - Ted VanCleave

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